An ios app designed for mobile, an easy-to-use app that enables people to 'discover' the outdoors, or nature, anywhere.


Designed as a tool to help you connect with nature wherever in the world you are. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar city you can use geo location to find the closest outdoor swimming pool, or perhaps a quiet running route in a park or a dog friendly cafe.

It includes user ratings and suggestions so you can search for unique places in nature away from the crowds. Hidden city parks are not so hidden anymore.



An easy-to-use app that enables people to quickly and easily explore the world, virtually. Starting with user flows, sketches on paper and finally moving to digital to create these high fidelity wireframes which built the groundwork for prototyping and discussions.

Strategy & Concept

Creating an outdoor location app required various discovery and conception phases, detailed research, different user experience solutions and countless scribbled wireframes – finishing with a playful, illustrative, straight forward approach

For example the filters used for creating a personalised search can be found on the first screens of the app. By selecting the activities that are of interest allows for quick and relevant results.


With the option of highly personalised searches using the location device, the user can quickly find, for example, outdoor, child friendly, swimming pools nearby.

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