An education app designed for primary school children and their teachers to share content and lesson plans and track progress anytime, anywhere.

It was rolled out to multiple education authorities across Sweden at the end of 2017


I worked with the lead designer, integrating his designs for mobile.

My role was focussed on the iOS ipad app, where I was responsible for the UX & UI Design.

The app contains a library with extensive filter options, text editor, messaging functions and it is designed to seamlessly sync with the desktop site so the user can continue where they left off regardless of location or device.

WIREFRAMES & user flow

An easy-to-use app that enables people to quickly and easily access, edit and create education content. 

Starting with user flows, sketches on paper and finally moving to digital to create these high fidelity wireframes which built the groundwork for prototyping and discussions.

Strategy & Concept

Creating this education app from the existing web designs required various discovery and conception phases, detailed research, user experience solutions and countless iterations.

The designs had to be modified to work on the smaller screens as we were focussed on designing for iOS.  We had to include a teacher section, visible only to those with special permission which gave access to different panels with functions to direct message students, highlight text and comment on submitted course work.


The app has a complex messaging system, where teachers and students can communicate. These panels had to be refined using the apple guidelines but retaining the feel and style of the original web designs.

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